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The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a secured lifestyle programme. The Malaysian Government offers foreigners (who qualify) a 10-year visa ( social visit pass) which is renewable thereafter. Applicants who qualify are allowed to freely travel to and from the country.

 Successful applicants are able to enjoy warm moments with sunshine and beach amidst lush green forest and soothing winds... A retirement or lifestyle haven. Malaysia is flanked by beaches east and west of its coast. Her people are warm, friendly with English being widely spoken.

Malaysia also has a track record of being one the most stable socio-economic countries in the Asian region. What's more, we have world class infrastructure and facilities for you to conduct business, educate your children and even semi-retire. Or simply make Malaysia your summer/winter recluse. We will help you with your plans.


  * A 10-year renewable visa which will allow you to come and go as you please, with no restrictions to law abiding participants.

* No income tax applicable to offshore income brought into the country. Any gain from a sale of a property is subject to a property gains tax.

* Participants are entitled to a one-time purchase of a tax-free vehicle - up to a limit of RM150,000.00

* Participants will be allowed to employ the services of a maid.

* Purchase of property above RM1,000,000.00 in the City of Kuala Lumpur is allowed. In the state neighbouring the City of Kuala Lumpur the value of purchase has to be above RM2,000,000.00. All other states have a floor price subject to approval on application from sate to state.

* All household items from the country of origin will be allowed to be brought in including pets.

* Malaysia has a very affordable cost of living advantage given the modern day infrastructure and services.

* Medical services of high world-class standards are available with some of the leading health care providers from the USA and Australia already operating here.

* Close geographical proximity to South East Asia - Allows you the privilege and accessibility to all the neighbouring Asian Countries - A LifeStyle privilege to participants.

* Some of the finest Asian and other cuisines at some of the finest LifeStyle spots is within your reach.

* Dependent parents and Children below 21 can be included in your participation.




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